700R4 4L60 GM Transmission Manual Valve Body – 700R4 4L60 Performance Transmission, torque converter built to HP cam specs, weight of vehicle, stall speed and diff ratio. Please call for price. A500
List of Custom Torque Converters for GM Transmissions. ... 4L80E /6L80E: 10 Inch Stall Speed Mounting-Ring Cover : OEM High-Stall OEM Cover : Heavy-duty, Single-Plate ...

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Stall torque ratios, one way clutches, single, multi and triples. North American Powertrain Components is well equipped with an in-house 2000 sq ft. torque converter shop and ready to go inventory. With our state of the art facility and superior processes we can provide you with a quality finished product that is designed and built for your ...
The Diesel Performance Converters DPC A1000 Stock Stall Billet Single Disc Torque Converter is the perfect option for the stock to mild horsepower 2001-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax build. Made with DPC's proven friction materials, this torque converter features all furnace brazed fluid coupling components, and a billet lock-up mechanism to give you the ...

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Nov 11, 2011 · By Ralph Kalal Replacement of transmission fluid ordinarily does not include draining the torque converter. The procedure specified in many factory shop manuals for changing transmission fluid is merely to drain and clean the sump, and then install enough new fluid to replace what was drained.
We carry a full line of stock replacement torque converters as well as custom built high stall performance torque converters. ... 4L80E / 4L85E Torque Converter (Stock Replacement) 1800-2000 Stall . Price: $309.00 Sale Price: $299.00 Sale.

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7. Typically, you want to choose a torque converter with a stall speed 500-700 rpms below the engine's torque peak. For example, an engine making peak torque at 5000 rpms, a 3800-4000 converter would give maximum ET. In choosing your torque converter, understand that there is no one best converter for all situations.
Does anyone know if the Demon converter will work on a '15 392 8 spd? Not sure if the input shaft is different between the S/C and N/A 8 spds. Also does anyone know the stall speed and possible STR of the Demon converter. Just trying to get a buddy's lightly modded 392 into the 11's more easily...

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The torque converter stall speed is determined by a couple things, but most directly related to engine torque, and cannot be changed in the tune. A stock converter on a 4L80 is around 1800 rpm. When you brake stall a converter, you will usually start pushing through the brakes at around 80% of the stall speed; right around 1400 rpm. 08-12-2014 #3
Great performance torque converter for a daily driven car. This torque converter will have excellent street manners and only flash high when you want it. - Converter Diameter: 278mm - 11" - Stall speeds 2600-2800 or 3000-3200 RPM

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Apr 19, 2011 · Raising the stall speed of the converter allows you to get into the torque curve on a launch against the brakes (or trans brake) sooner allowing a faster launch.. True Frank, and seeing you're a former Buick Grand National guy, you also probably know that the stock converter used in the GN was the D5 that stalled at something like 2200 rpms..?
This converter is rated at 3000-3200 stall speed and is built with a heavy duty clutch and damper that is stronger than OE but still works with the factory PWM style computer , in addition to having a furnace brazed and tig reinforced bowl and tig reinforced fins, the SX model also has an anti balloon hub and extra damper springs which makes it ideal for supercharged, turbo and NOS applications.

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The stock TH-400 torque converter multiples torque 2:1 at low rpm so that a moderate-ratio first gear (2.5) can be used. The torque converter multiplication and the 2.5 gear give a 5:1 stall ratio, and this combination provides excellent acceleration from a stop.
he is speaking about the torque converter. This is a fluid coupling between the engine and trans which allows a limited amount of slip as needed. Lockup is the fuel saving trick that locks the torque converter mechanically to the trans input to save fuel and maximize hp to the wheels.

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It doesnt effect your final drive "ratio" but it does effect drive rpm. Thats what I am interested in. All torque converters slip, the more stall rpm, the more they slip. If you have a lock up style then its 1:1 once it locks up. My point is take 2 vehicle all other things being equal. 1 has a high stall converter, and the other is low.
SKU: gm-245mm-pro-series-4l80e-torque-converter-3200-3400-single-stock-no Stall Speed 3200-3400 3500-3600 3700-3800 4000-4200 4300-4400 4500-4600 Lock Up Single Triple Disk

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A torque converter is merely a reaction to one of two things; a force applied (being the engine) or a resistance (being the car). The torque converter harnesses the engine's power so it would make sense that the more power you make, the tighter the converter needs to be and the less power, the looser.
Oct 19, 2017 · The hard parts of the torque converter that really affect the stall speed are the overall size of the converter, the pump blade angle, and the stator. By making changes to each of these parts, a torque converter manufacturer can dial-in where the converter will begin to stall the engine.

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The OEM torque converter stall speed ranges from 1,600 to 2,000 rpm-far too low for the torque curve of our test car. Ideally, a torque converter's stall speed should be within 200 rpm of peak torque.
ATI Performance Products manufactures automatic transmissions, torque converters and Super Damper harmonic balancers for racing and high performance use. ATI has over 50 years of transmission, torque converter and performance component manufacturing and drag racing experience.
Stall speed is the speed at which the converter holds back or limits the engine speed if the transmission output is prohibited. When your torque converter prevents the power transfer from your engine to your transmission, it increases the engine's RPM stalls.
Torque Converter, 2,400-2,800 Stall, 4L80/85E, Mates to Early Gen 1 SBC/BBC, Dual Bolt Pattern, 10.75 and 11.50 in. Each. Part Number: NAL-19299804 Not Yet Reviewed
1) To my best memory...stock convertors stall at 1200-1500 in early stangs. 2) Trans fulid type will not have any effect on stall speed. 3) I think 2200-2400 stall will fit the bill nicely in this application.

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